August 19, 2010


I've decided to start working from my desk again. Throughout the year I play musical chairs. For a few months I'll work from my kitchen table. I'll get bored with that and then switch to my couch. Unfortunately, recently I've been working from bed. Not because I've been ill but because I've been too lazy to get my ass up...which has led to A LOT of sleeping til' Noon. 

So I dusted off my neglected (but beautiful) desk, shined it up, and artfully arranged my ashtray of pennies, Frank Herbert, Mac, and my beloved "Lucite" lamp from Target (my favorite place in THE WORLD).

Now I'm ready to be a productive person. My new (permanent) workspace has been born. I have no excuses. I hope it lasts...

August 18, 2010


I did. I knew that this would be a big transitional year for me. Though I had no idea how big those changes would be. Friends have come and gone. I realized that I wasn't happy with myself. I wasn't happy with the direction my life was going in.  I realized that I needed to let go of everything that I'd allowed to drag me down and figure out how to lift myself up. So (after a bit of an existential crisis) I knew that I had to let go of SCRUGGS (my online boutique). I Hated it. I didn't have the motivation to really market it or do any of the needed day to day operations. What I DID enjoy was the fact that I could say that I had an online boutique (vanity, vanity...I'm working on that) and I LOVED styling the photo shoots (of course). So now SCRUGGS will be no more. And I'm relieved.

This photo marks the beginning of my new journey. I worked on a short film over the summer (costuming) and we were shooting out in a forest preserve. I was doodling around with one of the lead's camera and took this candid shot of the boom operator. The act of capturing this moment (which I think turned out pretty well) and of taking more photos throughout the day really fulfilled me. And I felt happy. I realized that I needed to start actively pursuing things that make me happy and give me a creative outlet. This blog is a part of that process for me. 

This is a place where I'll be sharing my thoughts, inspirations, ideas, and all of the things that I find beautiful in this life. Just a few months ago I couldn't truly feel how beautiful life is, but now I can. And for that I am grateful.